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Shan Jackson (prior to FaceBook streaming)

Anything is Possible with Jesus23:511/12/2020PM
The Perfect Church16:311/12/2020AM
Looking Deeply at the Lords Prayer22:331/5/2020PM
Praying With Confidence27:3612/15/2019PM
Damas Et Al20:5112/15/2019AM
Getting Things in Order24:0711/17/2019PM
Lesson 120:1011/17/2019AM
The widow and the judge31:1311/10/2019PM
Prayers of the Pharisee and Publican33:3011/10/2019AM
Who Are Successful?19:5211/3/2019PM
Grounded in Love21:0211/3/2019AM
Victims or Victors?15:2110/20/2019PM
Christian Unity32:3610/20/2019AM
The Prodigal19:049/22/2019PM
Lets Make a Deal18:549/22/2019AM
The Sower25:469/15/2019PM
Jesus Loved The Church21:009/15/2019AM
Gods Vision18:189/8/2019PM
I Will Build My Church24:319/8/2019AM
Victory In Jesus20:179/1/2019PM
Things Young People Need to Know24:029/1/2019AM
Life With Dissappointments28:038/25/2019PM
Get A Life20:128/25/2019AM
Mans Eternal Need(2)17:598/11/2019PM
Mans Eternal Need20:078/11/2019AM
Listening To God19:378/4/2019PM
It Pays To Obey22:237/28/2019PM
Stress Less20:227/28/2019AM
Hearers and Doers19:457/21/2019PM
Jesus Alone Can Save23:507/21/2019AM
Spiritual Thirst Conclusion16:107/14/2019PM
Spiritual Thirst14:507/14/2019AM
Joint Hiers With Jesus12:577/7/2019PM
Oh Yes We Can19:047/7/2019AM
One Body, One Spirit17:016/30/2019AM
Making Choices Part 214:116/23/2019PM
Of Mice and Men18:556/23/2019AM
Making Choices14:456/16/2019PM
Thanks Dad17:346/16/2019AM
Casual Christianity22:396/9/2019AM
It Takes Team Work17:346/2/2019AM
How can we grow? (3)16:225/26/2019PM
Strategies of Satan Part 219:185/26/2019AM
Strategies of Satan21:585/19/2019AM
How can we grow?19:305/12/2019PM
Mothers Day16:515/12/2019AM
Why We Need The Lords Supper29:494/28/2019PM
Why we need the church22:024/21/2019PM
Thy Will Be Done18:494/21/2019AM
Why we need the Gospel16:324/14/2019PM
Laying up treasure19:054/14/2019AM
Why we need the Holy Spirit(2)21:154/7/2019PM
God is greater than our heart15:174/7/2019AM
Believing Culture or truth25:003/31/2019AM
Why we need the Holy Spirit26:533/24/2019PM
The Real Jesus14:173/24/2019AM
Why we need God19:233/3/2019PM
Love and worship22:063/3/2019AM
Who are we?20:562/24/2019AM
Believe it or not21:352/17/2019AM
True or False20:412/10/2019PM
Can these bones live?20:392/10/2019AM
Passion for spiritual living22:512/3/2019PM
Heaven...How to get there23:532/3/2019AM
Gods word is truth17:081/27/2019PM
Hell !!!23:221/20/2018PM
God is alive25:021/13/2018PM
Will a man rob God?21:051/13/2018AM
What makes a great church?15:331/6/2018PM
Fans or Followers16:351/6/2018AM
Stars in the sky16:4412/23/2018PM
The Significance of Christs Birth19:0612/23/2018AM
The spirit of newness18:3212/16/2018PM
I heard an old old story18:4912/16/2018AM
Reflect the character of Christ(2)17:2512/9/2018PM
One Thing19:3312/9/2018AM
Reflect the Character of Christ14:5712/2/2018PM
An open door28:2312/2/2018AM
Words of Evangelism18:3711/25/2018PM
Battle for the Soul18:0111/25/2018AM
Have You Been With Jesus?21:4611/4/2018PM
God's Perfect Plan18:1211/4/2018AM
Faith / Works31:0410/28/2018PM
What More Could He Do?20:5110/28/2018AM
The Lords Supper31:0410/14/2018PM
Anyone Can Change21:2610/14/2018AM
Is God a hater22:4210/7/2018PM
Fear is not of God15:2310/7/2018AM
Plan of Salvation20:159/23/2018PM
Jesus the light of the world21:509/23/2018AM
Trust Distrust21:429/16/2018AM
The Good Samaritan19:319/9/2018PM
Why I want Jesus to be my shephard17:319/9/2018AM
Faith Works31:329/2/2018PM
The Excluded Christ23:219/2/2018AM
The Body is a Temple (Dane Howell)24:278/26/2018PM
Faith Will Lead To Victory (Ben Mosely)32:408/26/2018AM
Esaus Bad Bargain (Ben Mosely Class)40:558/26/2018AM
Daniel In The Lions Den24:018/19/2018PM
The Judas Potential19:468/19/2018AM
Serving Jesus16:168/12/2018PM
The Only Way21:208/12/2018AM
Saul (Ben Mosely)34:068/5/2018PM
David (Ben Mosely)32:468/5/2018AM
Solomon (Ben Mosely Class)44:158/5/2018AM
Sodom And Gomorrah25:137/29/2018AM
What is Jesus Like Part 219:267/22/2018PM
What is Jesus Like18:347/22/2018AM
Maintaining Unity34:187/15/2018PM
Who is Jesus20:007/15/2018AM
A Proper Mindset24:127/8/2018PM
Jehoiakims Penknife30:387/8/2018AM
Following Christ to Glory17:247/1/2018PM
Let no man despise thy youth21:077/1/2018AM
Faith Comes in Cans15:366/17/2018PM
Fathers Day16:166/17/2018AM
Faith hope and love18:206/10/2018AM
Listening to God20:496/3/2018PM
Holding On24:376/3/2018AM
Another look at the prodigal son32:105/27/2018PM
Lessons from a blind man20:265/27/2018AM
Searchng for a happy life19:215/20/2018PM
Bad news and good news18:135/20/2018AM
Lets Study the Bible22:475/13/2018PM
Mothers Day18:455/13/2018AM
Marks of our maturity33:024/29/2018AM
Determined Effort20:344/22/2018PM
Jesus and the Bible22:414/15/2018PM
Gods Rule Of Gold16:294/8/2018AM
Realistic Optimism25:004/1/2018PM
The Resurrection21:534/1/2018AM
Who is a friend of God?18:123/25/2018PM
I am a Christian23:213/18/2018PM
Our Spiritual Journey20:383/11/2018PM
What Shall It Be20:183/11/2018AM
Let's Talk About Heaven17:003/4/2018PM
Continuing Steadfastly18:203/4/2018AM
Decisions Decisions22:382/25/2018PM
A boy and a giant20:172/25/2018AM
Oh My Goodness20:252/11/2018AM
What Impresses God25:302/4/2018PM
Oh Happy Day17:262/4/2018AM
Jesus Can Lift You Up16:061/28/2018AM
The Power of Giving26:461/21/2018AM
God's word14:471/14/2018AM
Let's talk about Jesus16:321/14/2018AM
Frogs and the new year23:2912/31/2017AM
Avoiding Millstones21:1512/17/2017AM
The Life of Joshua19:4911/26/2017PM
Having a Thankful Heart22:1011/26/2017AM
The Worth of the Kingdom21:4411/19/2017AM
Springing Forward or Falling Back24:4411/5/2017AM
Turning Faith Into Action30:1710/29/2017AM
Evening Lesson19:1310/15/2017PM
Will you change your mind?21:3510/15/2017AM
I Corinthians 1:18-2528:4010/8/2017PM
The crucifixion was real22:5210/8/2017AM
The bread of life16:1210/1/2017PM
Salvation (Part 2)29:3210/1/2017AM
Am I my brother's keeper19:169/24/2017PM
Salvation (Part 1)28:329/24/2017AM
Parents' Responsibility to Thier Children30:579/17/2017PM
The Power of an Invitation29:009/17/2017AM
The Answer to Everything28:489/10/2017PM
New Testament Teaching32:269/10/2017AM
The Golden Rule22:487/30/2017PM
You fill in the blank22:108/20/2017PM
Coming before the throne of God20:588/20/2017AM
The Three Hebrew Children25:128/13/2017AM
There is a balm in Gilead19:248/6/2017PM
Proud to be here21:038/6/2017AM
The work of the Holy Spirit30:077/23/2017PM
Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus15:047/23/2017AM
Finding the New Testament Church in the Old Testament26:337/16/2017PM
A Sermon on sin21:567/2/2017PM
What do you think about love?20:317/2/2017AM
People of prayer30:206/25/2017AM
Lamb of God22:036/18/2017PM
Fathers Day21:186/18/2017AM
Elijah, just like us23:435/28/2017AM
Looking for a magic lamp23:445/21/2017PM
The plentiful harvest22:545/21/2017AM
What do you want to be?20:555/7/2017AM
Where do we stand with God?22:354/23/2017PM
Loaded Questions24:024/9/2017PM
Everlasting Love21:584/9/2017AM
Timeless Truths20:454/2/2017PM
I Peter26:494/2/2017AM
Another Type-And-Shadow Story20:453/26/2017PM
Second Chances21:583/26/2017AM
Man of Sorrows20:453/19/2017PM
Non-Traditional Intimate Relationships37:353/12/2017AM
God is good29:343/5/2017AM
Believing That God Is27:032/26/2017AM
Jesus, Amazing29:572/19/2017PM
Second verse, same as the first16:232/12/2017PM
The wise man and the rock27:332/12/2017AM
Stand Fast20:382/5/2017PM
Why go to church?24:592/5/2017AM
How long is 1000 years17:141/29/2017AM
The Beatitudes17:141/15/2017AM
We Live In a confusing world17:541/15/2017PM
The Lost Sheep17:141/15/2017AM
It's time to pray27:101/8/2017PM
Replacing Facebook with FTF25:371/8/2017AM
Jonah and The Big Fish26:091/1/2017PM
A new year, a fresh start25:071/1/2017AM
The Birth of Jesus23:1112/25/2016AM
Making a difference (part 1)8:2012/4/2016PM
Making a difference (part 2)17:5212/4/2016PM
Random acts of kindness22:2112/4/2016AM
Laodicea of Asia27:4011/27/2016PM
What have you done?24:3911/27/2016AM
What the world needs now37:2411/13/2016PM
Lord Heal our Land21:2111/13/2016AM
Who is Jesus, really?19:2410/23/2016AM
Philadelphia of Asia20:1610/16/2016PM
Relating to John 3:1623:4310/16/2016AM
Sardis of Asia22:3610/9/2016PM
Does John 3:16 really say what we think it says?23:3310/9/2016AM
Thyatira of Asia20:0910/2/2016PM
All Things Work Together For Our Good24:1010/2/2016AM
What Is Really Important19:519/25/2016AM
Jesus, the Great I Am29:009/18/2016PM
Three Times you will want to be a Christian28:099/18/2016AM
Smyrna of Asia26:129/11/2016PM
Mighty Men of Valor19:399/11/2016AM
Ephesus of Asia22:199/4/2016AM
A place to belong17:118/28/2016PM
Solomon and his many wives24:258/28/2016AM
Taking The Road Less Travelled21:478/21/2016PM
A Moment In Time17:038/21/2016AM
A Moment of Time34:058/14/2016PM
Sitting At the Feet of Jesus18:168/14/2016AM
New Beginnings #526:238/7/2016PM
New Beginnings #417:598/7/2016AM
New Beginnings #334:467/31/2016AM
The Unknown God19:176/12/2016PM
We Can Know27:476/12/2016AM
The Official22:486/5/2016PM
What will be the Yardstick of your life?18:296/5/2016AM
There's A Great Day Coming20:175/29/2016AM
The author of our faith24:225/22/2016AM
Unchanging message in an ever changing world25:165/15/2016PM
God is Love21:345/15/2016AM
Catching up on church history26:015/8/2016PM
Mothers Day21:015/8/2016AM
David and Goliath22:595/1/2016PM
Two Builders27:075/1/2016AM
Jesus a Benefit to all26:034/24/2016PM
An Invitation25:284/24/2016AM
Do We Really Care26:504/17/2016AM
Christian Work14:214/10/2016PM
The concept of Biblical Authority24:154/3/2016PM
Adam and Eve18:284/3/2016AM
The book of life17:533/27/2016PM
The Burial of Jesus30:303/27/2016AM
Characteristics of Saving Faith21:383/20/2016PM
What must I do?27:363/20/2016AM
Steadfast & Immovable40:393/13/2016AM
Elijah and the prophets of Baal31:393/6/2016AM
The Brethren In Philippi14:502/14/2016PM
Dwelling In Unity17:072/14/2016AM
The Rich Young Ruler18:022/7/2016PM
Here is why I want to go to Heaven25:011/31/2016PM
Sorrowful the story of the rich young ruler21:021/24/2016PM
Almost - The story of Agrippa24:371/24/2016AM
Heavenly Hope18:161/17/2016PM
Looking at the Big Picture21:011/17/2016AM
Life Changing Decisions19:501/10/2016PM
Chief Among the Publicans16:381/3/2016PM
The Unchanging22:431/3/2016AM

Freddie Anderson


Bible Class41:5610/27/2019AM
Sunday is Something40:4010/27/2019AM
Breaking Chains24:1710/27/2019PM
The Impossible Dream39:4310/28/2019PM
Everyone Eats39:5510/29/2019PM
Lord let me - don't make me33:2810/30/2019PM


You can't carry your cross sitting down42:3310/27/2017PM
Time Wasted, Time Lost42:3310/26/2017PM
The sin of small45:1210/25/2017PM
A Better Relationship36:2010/24/2017PM
A Better Better37:4510/23/2017PM
What Jesus Dares me do40:3310/22/2017PM
Mother Human and Devine Nature43:2610/22/2017AM
Sunday morning class Part 131:4610/22/2017AM
Sunday morning class Part 211:3010/22/2017AM


Enough is Enough47:2911/11/2016PM
What did it all mean?43:4611/10/2016PM
The blessed believer41:3911/9/2016PM
A Pronouncement over my Predicament41:1511/8/2016PM
The Limitations of Flesh and Blood43:0911/7/2016PM
The Big Question34:0711/6/2016PM
Character of Jesus40:3711/6/2016AM
Can Jesus build the church on you?36:0411/6/2016AM


Say something that says something36:2610/30/2015PM
Seeing where you are blind46:1710/29/2015PM
It's Time to Move39:0210/28/2015PM
The future is talking...are you listening?40:4410/27/2015PM
It's Getting Late Early32:5110/26/2015PM
Satisfaction's Guarantee39:0910/25/2015AM
Books of John43:3310/25/2015AM



The Dangers of Social Media51:405/9/2018PM
The necessity of the church38:065/8/2018PM
The reality of heaven and hell39:465/7/2018PM
Where does Jesus fit into my life?23:215/6/2018PM
God's authority as shown in Jesus31:225/6/2018AM
Where are we getting our advice?35:375/6/2018AM
The importance of the church36:325/2/2018PM


Revelation: The New Heaven and the New Earth55:365/3/2017PM
Revelation: Judgment Of Enemies of God's people1:19.465/1/2017PM
Revelation: Gods People Call for Justice1:04.204/30/2017PM
Revelation: How God says to Interpret the Book44:464/30/2017AM
Revelation: Greeting from the God-Head. 1 book to 7 Churches41:594/30/2017AM
Instrumental Music in worship34:424/26/2017PM


Christians and Civil Government24:173/2/2016PM
Homosexuality & Sexual Purity49:542/29/2016PM
Re-Marriage Sermon49:002/28/2016PM
Divorce Sermon28:542/28/2016PM
Marriage Bible Class23:582/28/2016PM
You can do it47:082/27/2016PM
Speaking the truth in love54:192/27/2016PM
Perfect Love Casts out Fear49:322/27/2016PM
Our Christian Assurance37:032/21/2016PM
Are you sowing the seed?32:502/21/2016PM